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Location Recording

One of the biggest benefits of location recording is the ability to capture the acoustics of almost any space whilst still retaining the recording quality of a studio. Specialising in recording on location I have industry standard equipment and knowledge to cater for any audio project. You can be recorded anywhere from your favourite warm chamber to the grandest of monuments and everything in between. I also have a list of various venues both nationally and internationally which can be used for location recording.  I can provide an advancing service to assist with your location/venue choice. Additionally, I am experienced in working as a mixing engineer for projects recorded on location.  

I am also one half of partnership 'S.A.M (Sound & Motion)' with videographer Sam Hurt offering location recording of both audio and video.

If you are interested get in touch now to discuss your project.

My mobile recording rig is based around a UAD Apollo 8 Quad.

Additional equipment is available upon request, including brands such as Royer, Neumann, Mojave, FLEA,  Beyerdynamic and more. Please get in touch for a full equipment list with pricing and availability.

Click on the images below to listen to some of my previous location recording at various venues. 

Contact me today and we can discuss your project.

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