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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you record at a studio of my choice?

Yes provided the studio is adequately equipped. Likewise, if it is not but you like the acoustics I can bring my location recording rig to still ensure a high-quality product.

Do you do remote mixing for projects you did not record?

Yes, I very frequently work as a remote mixing engineer. I also have the ability to mix on your system (with a couple small installs) from my studio, providing professional monitoring and acoustics of my studio with your system and plugins. 

Do you do Mastering?


Can I employ you to act as a consultant for my location recording project?

Yes, I also have a pool of venues, equipment and session musicians to tailor the project to your vision.

Can you provide a videographer with your location recording services?

Yes, I currently offer a package deal with videographer Sam Hurt. Please get in touch to discuss a package deal.

My location recording project is in another country can I still employ you with your equipment?

Yes, it is always great to explore the endless acoustic properties of international environments. The only requirement is that all travel and accommodation expenses are arranged and provided.

What do travel expenses entail?

Travel expenses include transport and accommodation if required. 

What is an advancing service?

As your consultant my advancing service including arranging things such as venues, session musicians, instruments, equipment and the overall production. Get in touch for more details.

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